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Is this real?

BATCH NO: 07/59071/CAF





We wish to inform you of the lottery draws held on the 26th of November 2007 to declare the winners of the Confederation of African Football (CAF) and South Africa Football Association (SAFA). This lottery was created to bring awareness to the world, being that South Africa is hosting the next world cup in 2010. Your email, attached to Ticket number SA45-00096-2511-777, with Serial number 585-06 drew the lucky numbers 72-22-555-266 and consequently won the lottery through a computer ballot system and your email address was gotten through the South African Information Network Online (S A I N O), which is affiliated with the Internet.

You have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out of US$2,200,000.00 in cash credited to file REF NO: SAFA/200702/0311. This is from total prize money of US$22,000,000.00 shared among the ten international winners in this category. All participants were selected through a computer ballot System drawn from 17,000 names from Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America, Europe and Middle East and Asia as part of our International Promotions Program, which is conducted every quarter of the year.

To begin your claim process, please contact your claims manager with details below and also provide him with the requested information so that he can expedite the processing of your claims.

NAME: ________________________________________

AGE: ______________________________________

COUNTRY: _____________________________________

ADDRESS: _____________________________________

ZIP/POSTAL CODE:______________________________


MOBILE: ______________________________________

FAX: ________________________________________鈥?br>
EMAIL: _______________________________________

REFERENCE NUMBER:_____________________________

BATCH NUMBER: ________________________________










24 HOURS OFFICE HOTLINE NO: +27 741 805 115

To avoid unnecessary delays and complications, please quote your reference/batch numbers in any of your correspondences with your designated agent.


(a) Remember, all prize money must be claimed not later than ten days after notice. After this date, all funds will be returned as unclaimed funds.

(b) Being one of the lucky winners, you constitute entrant鈥檚 full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of our terms and conditions of claims to avoid any Discrepancy in the cause of payment of your prize awards winning.

(c) To avoid double claims, you are advised to keep your winning details very confidential, as any discrepancies resulting from a breach of this confidentiality on the Parts of the winners will be covered solely by such winner as our staffs are bound by the oath of secrecy taken on employment.

Should there be any change of your address, do inform your claims agent as soon as possible.

Congratulations once more from all members and staffs of this program. Thank you for being part of our promotional lottery program.


Mrs. Susan Van vyk.

N:B Please note that you are to donate 10% of your Winnings to the less privileged children of Africa .


agentfrankkeisa@sify.comIs this real?
This is a SCAM.

Check out the below link for confirmation of various scams, including the famous Yahoo/MSN lottery scams and how to report them.鈥?/a>

Unscrupulous thieves have sent you this email and they are trying to part you from your hard earned cash. They will often ask you to call a premium rate number and keep you holding on whilst you rack up a huge phone bill. They are then paid a large proportion of this phone bill. They may ask you to divulge personal information about yourself or ask for your bank or credit card details. Do not divulge any such information under any circumstances. It is surprising how many innocent victims have been duped by these types of emails. Just remember the thieves who send them are very clever and extremely convincing. I suggest you delete the email and send it into cyberspace, hopefully along with the thieving scumbags who send them.

Check out these sites for further information :
No way, Jose. You receive an unsolicited email, which states that you have won a major prize in an international lottery. Supposedly, your email address was collected online and attached to a random number that was subsequently entered in a draw for the lottery. In order to claim your prize, you are instructed to contact the official "agent" in charge of your case. You are also advised to keep the win confidential for "security reasons". This part of the scam is basically a random phishing expedition. If you respond in any way to the email, the scammers will send further messages or even contact you by phone in an attempt to draw you deeper into the scam.

You may be asked to provide banking details, a large amount of personal information, and copies of your driver's licence and passport. Ostensibly, these requests are to prove your identity and facilitate the transfer of your winnings. However, if you comply with these requests, the scammers will have enough information to steal your identity.

Sooner or later, the scammers will request some sort of advance fee supposedly to cover administration, legal or delivery costs. At its core, this scam is just a reworking of the Nigerian loan fraud, in which scammers also eventually ask for upfront fees to facilitate the "deal". Like Nigerian scams, victims who do actually pay the requested fees will probably find that they receive continuing payment demands to cover "unexpected expenses". The requests for money will go on until the victim realizes what is happening or has no further money to send.

In some cases, the scammers give victims the option of opening an account at a particular bank as an alternative to paying upfront fees. However, this "bank" which is completely bogus, will insist on an initial deposit of $3000 as a requirement for opening the account. The fake bank will have a legitimate looking website to reinforce the scam. In other cases, the victim is given the option of travelling to an overseas destination and paying a cash fee to facilitate the release of the funds. However, any "winnings" released to the victim will be counterfeit and therefore worthless.

The details of the lottery scams vary regularly with regard to the name of the lottery itself, the country of origin, the sponsoring organization, the amount of the "prize" and other particulars. The scammers try to add a patina of legitimacy to their claims by mentioning real financial institutions, government departments or well-known companies. They may also provide links to slick looking, but fraudulent websites that are designed to back up information included in the scam emails. If the scammers are successful in establishing a dialogue with a potential victim, they may provide "proof" such as a scanned image of a supposed government official's ID and even photographs of the "winnings" in cash.

Complete list of SCAM e-mail addresses.鈥?/a>Is this real?
Yes it is completely geniune, and for those who would disagree , I suppose that next you will be tellng us that Father Christmas and the tooth fairy don't exist...x
You don't get anything for nothing, it's a scam do not answer do not give personal information.The following sites give more information.

.Also If you go to the following link you will get some info on ID theft the iinternet is safe enough if you are careful but please answer nothing that you are doubtful about.Good Luck and be careful.

Someone likes Jill Pinky's answers, I have seen them copied and pasted several times recently..Is this real?
No it is one of thousands of bogus lottery emails that go out every single day.

The story does not sound at all credible. The email claims that every quarter they give away $22m. That's $88 million dollars per year. Now imagine for a moment that you had a budget of $88 million to promote South African football. Do you really think that contacting ten people via email four times per year and sending them two million dollars each makes sense? Wouldn't you think it would be better to send eight million people $100? Or advertise on TV? Or in a newspaper?

The concept of something like this existing to promote football is just ludicrous. Also if you had a budget of $88m, don't you think you could find someone to work for you who could write proper English, and did not Randomly Capitalize words in the middle of sentences?

So again, it's just a scam, and I am 100% certain that you will never get a penny from these people. What's more if you are silly enough to provide them with information about you, they will use that to steal from you.
Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you really think you have won a lottery when you did NOT purchase a ticket BEFORE the lottery was held?

Do you know anyone in South Africa? Why would anyone from South Africa enter your email address in a lottery without asking you for money BEFORE the lottery was held?

The only legitimate information I could verify in your email is Confederation of African Football (CAF) and South Africa Football Association (SAFA) are real sports organizations and that +27 is the international telephone country code for South Africa. I visited the web sites for both of those sports organizations and searched them using the keyword LOTTERY. I found no information so that means they do NOT sponsor any lotteries. You can visit their web sites by clicking on the top two links I posted below.

Finally, do a Google search using keywords such as SAFA LOTTERY WINNING NOTIFICATION and you will see just how many others have received the same message as you did. Their might be slight differences such as in the dollar amount of the winnings and the name of the person sending the email.

Do NOT try to contact them via email. If you do, that will confirm to them that your email address is active. They can sell your verified contact information to other scammers. Do NOT try to contact them via telephone. That will provide them with a verified telephone number they can also sell. If you want to take some action against them, try clicking on the last source link I posted below.
Nope, afraid not. Sounds very much like a scam.

Edit: "South African Information Network Online (S A I N O), which is affiliated with the Internet."

Affiliated with the internet???! hahahahahaha
Did you enter this lottery? My guess is no. So If I was you I would delete this e-mail as soon as possibe. They seem to be asking an awful lot of personal questions, so even if they are not asking for any money up front. (Which I am sure they will) to release your winnings , then they maybe trying to steal your identity. Follow this link below to get more details鈥?/a>
  • permit practice test
  • FIFA facts: Did you know?

    here are your 4 favorites football facts of the day

    1) Did you know that Honduras holds the record of most family members in a team, with a total of 3 brothers?

    2) Did you know that the first set of rules were developed by the London Football Association in 1863.

    3)Did you know that Spain needed an 11 goal margin from their final qualifier of the 1984 European Championship - and got it scoring nine second half-goals against Malta.

    4) Did you know that the game of indoor soccer was devised in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1930 for use in YMCA programs. The 1st international competition took place in 1965, when Paraguay won the 1st South American Cup. 6 more South American Cup competitions were held between 1965 and 1979.

    so, did you know?

    BQ: what is the most cheesiest thing you've done in your life?

    *sarcastically speaking* thank you very much Maria now i can't listen to anything else, LOL JK

    ? ?...Speak to me, when all you got to keep is strong

    Move along, move along like I know you do

    And even when your hope is gone

    Move along, move along just to make it through

    Move along

    (Go on, go on, go on, go on)....??

    Move along by The all-American Rejects

    the song i'm lsitening to right nowFIFA facts: Did you know?




    BQ: Hmmm......I don't know. Hmmm I really don't know prabably fake smiling to people and acting polite in my last job. Being "nice" to a couple of classmates whom I think are complete morons....
    1. I actually knew that

    2. I just knew they were set in England

    3. NO

    4. No

    JAnuary 9= NO

    BQ- probably dance in the middle of a crowd just to show them I was a dancerFIFA facts: Did you know?
    No, I didn't know any of those actually :D

    I like that song, but I like Dirty little secret more. it's really nice :)
    1. No I did not know. Is this a one-time that all 3 brothers played or at different times.

    2. Yes

    3. Yes

    4. No

    BQ - Helping the poor without anyone's knowledge.FIFA facts: Did you know?
    WOW and I thought I knew everything about football!
    1. Yes

    2. Yes

    3. I knew the win against malta but I didn't know the goal margin.

    4. No

    BQ.. nO cOmment

    Who do you think will win 2018 & 2022 FIFA bid to host World Cup?

    2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cup bids

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    The bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cups is currently under way. These will be the 21st and 22nd editions of the FIFA World Cup. The bidding procedure to host both the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cup began in January 2009, and national associations had until February 2, 2009 to register their interest.[1] The executive committee of FIFA will announce their decision on the two editions in December 2010.[2] Candidates have applied for either or both of the 2018 and 2022 tournaments, but the 2022 hosts will not be chosen from the same continent as the 2018 hosts.[3]

    Nine individual nations registered their intention to bid with FIFA by the February 2009 deadline: Australia, England, Indonesia, Japan, Qatar, Mexico, Russia, South Korea, and the United States. Mexico later withdrew its bid. It had also been reported on the FIFA website that Egypt was entering a bid, but the president of the Egyptian Football Association denied that any more than an inquiry in principle had been made.[4] Additionally Belgium and the Netherlands registered to bid together, as have Portugal and Spain.[5] FIFA confirmed the list of bidders in March, with South Korea and Qatar bidding for 2022 only.[6]Who do you think will win 2018 %26amp; 2022 FIFA bid to host World Cup?
    US or Australia 2018....

    2022 Not sure...Qatar is a very small country...So, not sure if they will get a chance to host...Who do you think will win 2018 %26amp; 2022 FIFA bid to host World Cup?
    2018 England should get it thou this is anti-England Fifa we're talking about

    2022 AustraliaWho do you think will win 2018 %26amp; 2022 FIFA bid to host World Cup?
    Russia 2018

    Qatar 2022

    What do you think of my top 11 anime series?

    11- Pokemon: This series is the reason why anime became popular. It was so original at the time and so fresh that it stayed fresh for a long time. Unfortunately other monster anime like Digimon and YuGiOh came out and competition became tight that they ran out of ideas for good episodes. Pokemon is the original and the best so SCREW OTHER MONSTER ANIME! They's all wannabes!!

    10- Outlaw Star: The coolest thing about this anime is that the characters are so unique and do not have any similarities to any other anime series. It totally stands out and has

    9- Gundam Seed: The characters are forced to get involved in a war and it shows how they feel from that perspective. The politics is a simplified version of its predecessor Gundam Wing but the psychology aspect was explored a far deal greater. Not only that, the animation is AMAZING! It was MOVIE-QUALITY! Gundam 00 is supposed to be the 1st HD series but the colorings and character designs in Seed still look much better!

    8- Captain Tsubasa: The first ever stylized sports anime. This series made football so popular that the Japanese Football Association or w/e actually sponsors the show. and addidas does too! This show is the original and the best so to hell with the copycats like Prince of Tennis and Eyeshield 21! Slam dunk gets credit for not following the same pattern but I'm not a basketball guy, im not against it tho.

    7- Cowboy Bebop: An anime series that's a so western it out-westerns even 2days western movies and yet it's a space western. An anime with an English dub BETTER than the Japanese version. And themes so unconventional for tv broadcasting. Kick @$$ show!

    6- Dragonball Z: An awsome action-packed anime which is the embodiment of manliness. Look at Goku's arms and Vegeta's leg muscles and they have huge chests! Makes any guy wanna work out and bulk up! And they're tough and actually look like men, more easy to watch than bishonens!

    5- Fullmetal Alchemist: A great mix of fantasy with drama and interesting characters, this series does not feature the usual child protagonist stereotype. The lead characters are kids but they're mature and intelligent which makes it so different.

    4- InuYasha: A fantasy fairy-tale that had a great mix of action, romance and comedy. I am usually against the idea of having action and romance mixed in BOTH as the MAIN theme in movies, but this worked in an anime because the series was VERY long so it had time to develop the romance without cutting away from the action like they always do in stupid modern action movies.

    3- Transformers: This series was so amazing, giant robots that turned into cars and planes and are at war, holy crap! Unfortunately because the series was Japanese/American it didn't become as great as it could have been as a serious TF series until the original movie came along, HOLY CRAP! That movie has awesome animation by even 2days standards! And they made it so dark and killed off Optimus Prime....which of course made me cry but the realism of war was what made it memorable. Screw the live-action movie not only because it had Michael Bay and Megan Fox, but because it could not to an ANIMATED film.

    2- Death Note: A fantastic series, Death Note has a mind stimulating story that just draws you into it like a black hole. One of the most well-constructed and believable supernatural series mixed with reality detective work. And despite the name it's not a wussy emo show.

    1- Gundam Wing: This series is by far the most complex and well written anime series of all time. If you're into military and politics even if ur a non-anime fan, you HAVE to watch this. Wing, despite it being science fiction future story, the politics gets u thinking and u begin to understand politics better.What do you think of my top 11 anime series?
    I dont like anime and im asian xD
    Nice, choices. And I agree with you on the Pokemon part. Its why I actually started watching anime.What do you think of my top 11 anime series?
    you have some really good ones.

    i remember pokemon when i was little. i loved Nine Tails %26lt;3
    Nice choices in anime. I have watched all of them but Outlaw Star.What do you think of my top 11 anime series?
    That's a great list. Its mostly mecha that I see.
    While I haven't seen a lot of these series, I've heard of a few and they seem good. You seem to be a fan of more older series I'm guessing, right? If you want, you could check out Serial Experiments Lain if you haven't already, it's a pretty psychological anime and makes you use your brain.

    I have to correct you though on the Cowboy Bebop thing. Cowboy Bebop started off as a shoujo manga called Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star which came out in 1997 in Asuka Fantasy DX (and is still running actually), it wasn't until 1998 that the anime version came out so in no way is the manga a spin-off.
    Good, you are a true anime lovers. Sadly, I would have put Inuyasha first becasuse I love it,m though I didn't like the manga ending!

    These description are so thrilling and compelling, so I will also tryu watching them. I also love the original pokemon. So funny with Mistry. I miss her. Dragonball Z kicks asses. I love it!
    11- Pokemon: Digimon came out first, straighten you facts, though I'll give you it that Pokemon was good at the time. I prefer the game though.

    10- Outlaw Star: Never Watched so cannot comment.

    9- Gundam Seed: Good, not enough to be in my top 10.

    8- Captain Tsubasa: Never watched, not going to comment.

    7- Cowboy Bebop: Kick *** is right! I'd def put it in my top 5.

    6- Dragonball Z: Also a classic, top 10 worthy for sure.

    5- Fullmetal Alchemist: I kinda kind of see why people like it, but definitely not top 10 worthy in my book.

    4- InuYasha: Once again, something not top 10 worthy in my book, though I am only docking points due to the length of the series. If they would have shortened it, it'd be almost on my top 15 list.

    3- Transformers: Did not enjoy, liked movie much better. Though my friend disagrees with me.

    2- Death Note: A wussy emo show. ^.~

    1- Gundam Wing: Not number 1, but top 5 worthy.

    PS: Bebop is Shojo. Look it up on Wikipedia.
    There's not a seinen or josei anime on the list... And the closest thing to a shoujo anime that you have listed is Inuyasha- and THAT was published in Weekly Shounen Sunday.

    I can't approve of any "top anime" list when it only covers one genre. In this case, shounen.

    Throw in some seinen (ie Monster), throw in some josei (ie Honey and Clover), throw in some shoujo (ie Card Captor Sakura), and maybe THEN I could approve of your top 11 list. Because at the moment this could better be called "Top 11 Shounen List."
    Nice!! You've got some great classics in there!! :)

    You list is very similar to mine, except Dragonball Z and Gundam Wing has their own category since they're classics, they're kind of in the hall of fame. They're on a higher platform.

    What would Man United players put on their facebooks...?


    Networks : Manchester

    Sex : Unlikely

    Interested In : Women who'll marry anyone

    Relationship Status : Married

    Birthday : Yes

    Political Views : Anti-Scouse Alliance

    Religious Views : If someone like me can pull, there must be a god.

    Contact info :

    Email :

    Personal info :

    Activities : Grimacing, hating, loathing, showing anger

    Interests : I love music, but nothing by any cr*p Scouse bands like the Beatles, Zutons or The Coral.

    Favourite music : Anything by Simply Red

    Favourite TV shows : Roland Rat

    Favourite movies : Dumb and Dumber

    10-second interview

    Blonde, brunette or redhead?

    - I'd never turn any fella down

    I'd like to smack...

    - The blokes who tiled my swimming pool

    What's your magic word?

    - Ole

    I believed in Santa Claus until...

    - Liverpool won the European Cup for the fifth time.

    Friends in other networks :

    Liverpool (0)

    Football Association (12)

    PFA (8)

    England (0)

    Referees' Association (20)

    Scousers Anonymous (10)What would Man United players put on their facebooks...?

    Networks : Liverpool

    Sex : Ape

    Interested In : Grannys

    Relationship Status : Married

    Birthday : 24/10/85

    Political Views : None at all!

    Religious Views : The Church of Burger King

    Contact info :

    Email :

    Personal info :

    Activities : Football, Boxing, eating, spitting, stamping on Portuguese balls.

    Interests : Grandmothers

    Favourite music : B*witched

    Favourite TV shows : The real football factories.

    Favourite movies : A monkey's tale

    10-second interview

    Blonde, brunette or redhead?

    - Balding

    I'd like to smack...

    - Everybody! Everybody! Everybody!

    What's your magic word?

    - C*nt!

    I believed in Santa Claus until...

    - What do you mean, "until"?

    Friends in other networks :

    Everton (0)

    Football Association (1)

    England (0)

    Referees' Association (0)

    Scousers Anonymous (0)
    Steven Gerrard's Facebook:

    Networks: Liverpool

    Sex: Men only

    Interested in: Men

    Relationship status: Married, but i'm unfaithful

    Birthday: Of course

    Political views: Pro homosexual.

    Religious views: God %26lt;3

    Contact info:


    Personal info:

    Activities: Anything that involves me falling to the ground when i'm not hurt.

    Interests: Diving, and Men.

    Favorite music: Elton John.

    Favorite TV shows: Queer eye for the straight guy.

    Favorite movies: Brokeback Mountain.

    10 second interview

    Blonde, brunette, or readhead?

    -Too tough to decide how I like my man... ;)

    I'd like to smack...

    -Manchester United players because they always beat my team even when I have my best dive :(

    Whats your magic word?


    I believed in Santa Clause until...

    -Johnny Beasley beat me senselessly and called me a ******.

    Friends in other networks:

    Liverpool (24)

    Diving club (24)

    Gay association of the world (2,000,000)

    England (12)

    Gays anonymous (30,000)What would Man United players put on their facebooks...?
    Have a star-brilliant!!

    Certainly not a photograph of FIVE European Cups

    Hail Hail to Celtic and You'll Never Walk Alone My Liverpool friend xx
    Haha lol....aww i loved that almost as much as i love Gary Neville himself:DWhat would Man United players put on their facebooks...?


    Very creative :)

    Have A star
    great start to my day
    lmao..cracker..wee star for you

    Please read this.?

    The Korea vs Swiss match was unacceptable. The ref was either a total idiot who doesn't deserve to be a ref, or he'd been bribed. And I think it's the second, because I've seen him ignoring Swiss fouls ON PURPOSE, turning around pretending he didn't see it (Example: Handling by a Swiss player in their penalty area, TWICE.). It was so obvious it wasn't even funny. Plus, that offside - FIFA rule states that the moment the kicker's foot makes contact with the ball to the direction of an offside zone it is considered an offside. That situation was just ridiculous. Either you schedule a rematch, or you fire that ref and issue a formal apology to the Korean football association and to the rest of the world - Swiss media is the only group that insists that the match was played fairly. I thought the World Cup was a symbol of peace and harmony, to reassure friendship between countries through soccer - but I guess I was wrong. I am VERY disappointed. I never thought a (possible) corruption wouldPlease read this.?
    Its Football Not War
    way to long to read that crap, nobody cares about soccerPlease read this.?
    I tried to read it, but it's too darned long!!! The only question I saw was "please read this?" and that's not even a question. Go ramble someplace else. It's only a game and your world is not going to come crashing down because of it. Get over it.
    The reason why Korea lost:

    *South Korea coach Dick Advocaat admitted his side lacked the quality to overcome Switzerland in their decisive 2-0 defeat in Hanover.

    Everything else you said is pure nonsense.Please read this.?
    i support the Asia them.
    a little unlucky for Korea, a little lucky for Swiss, but I'm really happy with the result!

    u wrote that "Swiss media is the only group that insists that the match was played fairly", and I think that in 2002WC Korean media was the only group that insisted that the matches were played fairly!

    Korea has had too much luck, too many unfair wins. Now is their time to pay the price! They've been kicked out by the referee just as other teams were in the last WC in their country.
    What a load of rubbish!

    The Koreans deserve what they got. They didn't cry foul in 2002 when they advanced thanks to corrupt referee against Italy and when Spain were denied by a linesman.

    In this case, the ball was last played by a Korean player, the linesman missed it but not the referee, why did Koreans stop playing when there was no whistle?

    What goes around comes around!
    That was actually bull from the ref. He raised the flag and after the goal he goes, "I don't know." Wat bull is that. I really agree with this person. Reschedule a rematch or fire that idiotic referee.
    i agree with the person who asked us to read this... there should be a REMATCH!

    and also in the 2002 world cup korea had skills to win not the referee...then the japanese could have also used the referee....
  • north carolina dmv
  • Terry backs former boss?

    Jose Mourinho's status as the favourite to become the next England manager was enhanced on Tuesday when John Terry, the captain of the national side, backed his former boss at Chelsea to succeed in the role.

    England are looking for a new head coach after sacking Steve McClaren last month following his failure to guide Wayne Rooney and co. to the finals of Euro 2008.

    Terry is understood to have been consulted by Football Association chief executive Brian Barwick about the succession and made it clear he believes Mourinho would be an ideal candidate.

    "Jose came in and took us to a new level at Chelsea," Terry said. "I am very lucky to have worked with Jose - he is a fantastic manager and a fantastic guy.

    "He is one that really stands out for me and could make a big difference. He's a great guy, tactically he is very aware, and he understands the game very well.

    "He enjoys the day-in, day-out stuff with a club side so maybe it would not suit him, but you never know - it is down to the FA to contact him if they want to speak to him."

    Terry's comments came after an advisor to Mourinho said he would be "honoured" to take the England job, while stressing that no approach had yet been made by the FA.

    Eladio Parames said: "I can't say whether he is interested or not but he loves English football and he loves the crowds, so I am sure he would consider it."

    Mourinho quit Chelsea in September following a series of rows with the London club's Russian owner Roman Abramovich.

    There are some who believe Mourinho is making overtures to England simply to boost his hopes of landing a coaching position with one of Europe's leading club sides.

    But Parames said there was a simple way to find out if Mourinho was serious about taking the England job.

    "If the FA are interested why don't they contact Jose or his agent? If Mr Barwick comes they will listen, just like they would listen if another club came in."

    Mourinho guided FC Porto to the 2004 Champions League title before winning five trophies in three years at Chelsea, including Premier League titles in his first two years in charge.

    Terry meanwhile admits that he still finds England's failure to qualify for Euro 2008 hard to stomach, and has hit back at suggestions the country's highly-paid stars don't care enough.

    He added: "I came into football because I love the game. When you get the disappointments like Euro 2008 and then people speak about money and cars, it is really frustrating because they don't mean anything to me.

    "It is about playing for your country and having the pride to honour your country, shirt and family.

    "We are at a very low point at the moment. We can only go forward. The FA are looking to bring in the right man to take us forward. But maybe as players we have not done it at international level.

    "You get people phoning you and trying to cheer you up and make you happy. But you don't want to take people's calls, you feel as though you've let them down, your friends, your family and all the fans in the country.

    "I get home and see my kids and you feel as though you've let them down. Without my kids recently it would have been very difficult because they get you out of bed in the morning and they need a lot time. It has been very difficult personally but we have to move on.

    "I take a lot of responsibility on my shoulders as captain. Hopefully I can keep the armband and drive us forward.

    "The new man could come in and change things completely. That will be his decision and I will fully respect what the new manager decides. It is a big quality of mine."

    Despite their failure to qualify for the Euro 2008 finals, England have confirmed they will go ahead with a planned friendly against co-hosts Switzerland at Wembley on February 6, which is likely to be the first match in charge for the new manager.Terry backs former boss?
    did you copy that from somewhere??Terry backs former boss?
    Yeah dude he back's he's former boss
    YEAH!!! JOSE MOURINHO RULE!!Terry backs former boss?
    Putting a question mark at the end of a phrase doesn't necessarily make it a question.
    he would say that